Grand Country Resort in Branson Missouri

Grand Country Resort in Branson Missouri is a sprawling resort in Branson, Missouri. On the grounds of Grand Country is the hotel, a theater, an entertainment facility (arcade, indoor go-karts, laser tag, indoor black light mini golf, and a pizza shop), a buffet restaurant, and their main draw…an indoor water park!

We visited Grand Country Resort during our kids’ fall break in October 2022. It was our first time visiting Branson, but we had heard so much about it that we felt that we needed to see for ourselves. We stayed two nights but wish we would have stayed a third. Not only was there so much to do at Grand Country Resort, but the whole area was full of family friendly attractions.

This review will cover our stay at Grand Country Resort in Branson Missouri. We will also review some of the other great places we visited during our brief stay. We will list some places we recommend for meals. Our itinerary was jam packed. At the end of each day, our boys were EXHAUSTED!

So…let’s dive right in!

The Hotel

The hotel itself was pretty basic. There are several buildings spread around their property. Each building is an old-school motor lodge/motel type set up. The entrances to all rooms are exterior. Each building does have an elevator, which was nice as our room was on the third floor.

The rooms were good sized and our room was very clean. The two queen sized beds were comfortable and there were plenty of pillows. Our room was equipped with a half fridge (no freezer) and a microwave. We didn’t hear much noise through the walls, but if kids ran past our door, we would hear that pretty clearly. All-in-all, we were very satisfied with the room itself. 

The Entertainment Center

This is where we spent a majority of our time. We did one round of the black light miniature golf. The course was pretty easy, but it was perfect for our 4 and 6 year old boys. They loved how the black lights made everything glow, including our clothes and shoes. 

The indoor go-kart track was pretty fun. The karts themselves are electric. They weren’t speed demon fast, but they were perfect for us. The boys loved them. There is a turbo button above the steering wheel that you can use twice. It gives you a burst of speed for a few seconds…just enough to pass. The time that you were on the track seemed very generous. We have done similar carts in other places that left us feeling ripped off. That was NOT the case at Grand Country.

grand country resort in branson missouri

The laser tag was our boys absolute favorite. Our younger boy just made the 42” height requirement and he was STOKED. I think we did 5 or 6 rounds of laser tag. The course was challenging and plenty of places to hide and snipe your opponent. There were two ramps that led to a second floor with an open middle that let you shoot down onto the main floor. Our boys took this VERY seriously. It was hilarious. When each game ended, they couldn’t get their vests off quick enough to look at the standings monitor outside the room to see how many “kills” each of them got. This is another attraction where we felt we got a lot of time for the money. 

The arcade itself was pretty standard. Most of the games were redemption-type games of skill where you could earn tickets. Even many of the games allowed you to earn tickets based on your score. There were a few games where no tickets could be earned. The boys each won a few of the jackpots on the redemption games. By the end of the second day, we had accumulated over 4000 tickets. Not too shabby.

The Grand Buffet 

For us, this was a bit of a downer. We went for breakfast our first morning there. The pricing was fair for the adults, but we felt it was a bit high for a 4 and 6 year old. The food itself was really good. Lots of options and everything tasted very fresh. There was an omelet bar where a cook would make you an omelet to your wants. There was fresh fruit and all the usual breakfast options. One thing we thought was odd was the lack of “kid friendly” cereal. They only had raisin bran and special k. 

The Waterpark at Grand Country Resort in Branson Missouri

Waterpark access is included in all room reservations. Grand Country currently has two waterparks. The outdoor waterpark features four attractions and is geared for younger guests. It was closed during our stay since temps were only in the 70’s. This indoor waterpark has six attractions. There is also a section for younger kids. 

Since the outdoor area was closed, we spent our waterpark time at the indoor attractions. If you are planning on coming to the Grand Country, we definitely recommend that your child is at LEAST 42” tall without shoes. Many of the fun rides inside required 42” or more and he was about a half inch short and they wouldn’t budge. At four years of age, the area for little kids was no fun for him. 

I stayed with the older boy since he was big enough for most of the rides inside. The slides were fast with lots of twists and turns. The lazy river was a fun way to relax after taking 20 runs down the slides (that boy doesn’t stop! LOL). We loved the hot tubs. One was medium heat and the other was pretty hot. There was also a small pool with basketball hoops that we had fun with. 

Grand Country Resort is in the process of expanding the indoor waterpark. They will be adding a large wave pool, another basketball pool, and three more slides. Construction is underway and should be done next year.

The waterpark was a ton of fun. Thankfully our younger boy wasn’t too upset about not being able to go on the bigger attractions. He spent some time on the lazy river and in the tot area. Then he got a little extra arcade time with mom. Like I mentioned earlier, just make sure there is no doubt that your kids are at least 42” tall and you will have a fantastic time. 

Other Hotels

Interested in going to Branson but don’t want to stay at Grand Country Resort? No worries! Branson has DOZENS of other lodging choices. Search in the box below!

Other Branson Attractions

We absolutely loved the Runaway Mountain Coaster. When we were in Pigeon Forge, our younger boy was too small to ride. Now he was big enough to ride as a passenger and WOW did he love it. It was a relaxing 5 minute ride to the top and then an exhilarating 1 minute ride down with incredible twists and turns. We didn’t even touch our brake handles. Full speed all the way down!!

Other family friendly Branson activities:

We were able to check out Branson Landing for a bit. Branson Landing is a large mixed-use development with hotels, apartments, shopping, and restaurants. Be sure to head to the lakefront fountains at the top of each hour from noon-9PM. You will be treated to a world class water, light, and fire show synced to different songs throughout the day. So cool!

Where To Eat

We were only in town for a couple of days, so we didn’t really eat out too much. Here are some dining established that are highly rated:

When Are You Going?

For a quick in-and-out trip, we had a great time. We barely scratched the surface of all the things to do in Branson. Branson is a great place to go all year. I have seen many reviews that state that it is beautiful around Christmas time. So no matter what time of year you should follow our guide, make your plans, book your lodging, and take that trip to Grand Country Resort in Branson Missouri!

You know we were well prepared for this seven hour drive with plenty of Road Trip Games!

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