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Who doesn’t love Legos?! Who doesn’t love a great vacation?! You can combine your kids love for Legos (or admit it, you too) and an amazing Florida vacation all in one. But how much will this all cost? Are there other hotels by Legoland Florida?

We went to Legoland Florida and had an amazing time. When planning the trip, we compared the cost of staying at Legoland Resort versus staying at hotels by Legoland Florida and just buying the day passes. We also compared the experience that we would have at Legoland and placed a value on that. 

We finally came to the decision to stay at Legoland Resort instead of a hotel off-site. Here is how we came to our conclusion:

  • At the time of our trip, our boys were 3 and 6 years old. The various themes at Legoland Resort were perfect for kids in that age group
  • Convenience. The theme park gates are just outside the hotel doors. Again, with a 3 and 6 year old, once they were done, they were DONE. Not having to hop in the car to go back to the car was ideal.
  • The extras. Legoland Resort has a pool with waterslides. There is a firepit with nightly bonfires and s’mores. They also have a mini golf course.
  • Nightly entertainment geared for the young ones. Pajama dance parties. Story time. Lego building workshops.

There were really just two negatives for staying at Legoland Resort. The biggest one was price. We knew that staying at Legoland Resort would cost between $600-$1000 more dollars as opposed to staying at hotels by Legoland. For some, that could certainly be a deal breaker. The second negative was eating solely at the on-site restaurants. They were good, but not great. Meals were a bit on the pricey side, but not obscene. 

In the next section, we will list some great hotels by Legoland Florida. These hotels are all very highly rated and will be within a 15-20 minute (or closer!) to the Legoland Theme Park. After that, we will provide our review of Legoland Resort and Theme Park!

Hotels By Legoland Florida

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Legoland Resort Florida Hotel

Here is our review of the hotel portion of Legoland Resort Florida. From the moment we pulled into the parking lot, our boys were already beyond excited. Seeing the entrances to the hotels with all of the giant sized Lego decor was so cool. The giant pirate ship. The Lego logo. The Lego people.  The excitement!

The excitement amplified once we walked into the lobby. There were opportunities to build Legos EVERYWHERE! The walls were covered with the green Lego base pieces. There were loose Lego pieces in bins. The overall decor was Lego overload and it was nothing short of awesome.

OK…now let’s discuss the elevators. We stepped in and immediately noticed the disco theme. The door shut. Lights started flashing and “Dancing Queen” started playing on the speakers inside the elevator. We all started showing off our best dance moves!

We exited the elevator and entered Lego’s take on Raiders of the Lost Ark. The hallway carpet had snakes and spiders! The lights outside the room doors were Lego-inspired lanterns. Other parts of the carpet were sections of an ancient map!

Our room was pretty cool. There was a designated section for the boys, complete with bunk bed and their own TV. On their beds was a treasure hunt with tasks and clues. When they solved their challenges, it provided the code for the in-room safe. In the safe were small Lego kits for them to build!

All in all, the hotel was a lot of fun and the boys were thoroughly entertained. 

Legoland Resort Florida Activities

In our room and posted all around the resort was a schedule of each night’s kid’s activities. By far our favorite was the kid’s pajama dance party. Our boys got into their footy pajamas and we all went down to the activity area on the first floor. The night started with storytime. After that, the party REALLY began. The kids got things going with a long conga line throughout the lobby. After that, the kids sat down around the stage and they invited kids to come up to do a dance-off. Easton was a bit too shy, but Ian got up in front of everyone and showed his moves!

There were several outdoor activities that we took advantage of. Both boys loved the mini golf course. Situated under huge oak trees, the course was especially cool after dark! Once we wrapped up our golfing, we would head over to the fire pit. Each night, they would get the fire going and they had s’mores kits available to purchase. We also took full advantage of the pool area. A good area of the pool was extra shallow for the little ones. All around the pool were giant foam Lego pieces that could be stacked and used to build. There were also water slides that both boys must have gone down 50+ times!

They also offered Lego Master Builder classes. Our boys were not interested. Of course, there was a small gift shop inside the lobby.

Legoland Resort Florida Theme Park

There were enough rides and attractions for both of our boys based on their height. They have one roller coaster for smaller kids (at least 40”). We were relieved that there was one suitable for our younger boy. They had so much fun on their first coaster!

We all loved Miniland USA. This is an area where different cities are built as Lego replicas. It was truly amazing and mind boggling to think how long it must have taken to build these replica cities. Several of the scenes had interactive elements where you press buttons and the displays go into motion. So awesome!

The Ford Driving School was fun for both boys. They have a junior driving school for the younger racers. The Ford Driving School features electric cars that allow the drivers to drive around a small city with traffic lights, stops signs, etc. It is like their first foray into real driving! After completion of the driving school, each driver gets their own Legoland Driver’s License!

We did the 4D Virtual Reality show. It was INTENSE. While it was rated as being suitable for the smaller kids, Easton thought it was a bit too much for his senses and was not a happy camper when that ride ended. 

Beyond the rides that were suitable for our younger boys, there were some rides specifically for older kids. Our boys can’t wait till they are both at least 52” so they can ride ALL of the rides!

Time to Book and Plan!

Whether you choose to stay at the resort or book hotels by Legoland Florida, you can’t go wrong! We had so much fun at the resort itself. Once our kids are older, we would have no issue skipping the resort and booking hotels by Legoland. 

Go ahead and use our guide and reviews and make a decision that best meets your family’s needs and budget. The hotels we recommended would certainly allow for some serious savings based on the cost of staying at the resort itself. If you have any questions, always feel free to contact us and we would be more than happy to answer if we can!

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