About Us

The Texas Traveling Family was created to serve as a resource for other families like us that are looking for a “one stop shop” for planning family vacations. It’s no surprise that the majority of travel sites are more adult oriented or highlight trips to far out, exotic destinations. We are just a normal, hard-working family that want our children to experience the joys of travel from an early age.

Now that you know the why…now we will tell you the who! We are Jill and Larry Farbin. We have been married for seven years and have two boys, four and six. We are from the upper Midwest and moved to the great state of Texas in 2012. Prior to having children, we did a fair amount of traveling ourselves. We loved long road trips, weekend getaways, and flights to far off destinations. Once we found out we were having our first child, we committed that the traveling wasn’t going to stop!

Here is how we plan our trips: Jill comes up with a general idea of where and when. She then hands the reigns over to Larry to do the research. Larry looks up lodging options and goes through reviews, looking for trends and issues. He then looks for dining options and ensures that the location has restaurants that are good for kids. He will research activities and things to do. After all the research has been compiled, we come together to make booking decisions and to create a rough itinerary (with lots of plan B’s, C’s, and D’s).

When reading our blogs and reviews, you will get honest and real feedback for the places we go. If a place is great, we will tell you. If a place is terrible, we will let you know as well. Traveling with kids is certainly not easy. We do a lot of research and work on the front end in the hopes of avoiding as many bad experiences as possible.

Our hope is that the time we take to research and plan our trips can help other parents like us make informed travel choices. Traveling with our children is all about making memories. Our hope is that those memories are positive and full of joy!

What next?

If you are here, you are probably thinking about traveling with your family. The good news is we have put together two different sections based on what you are looking to do.

We hope you enjoy the content we have worked so hard to compile. If you have any questions or suggestions, we would love to hear them!

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